RV/UV: A Material Concerto Grounded in Sound Anthropology

Sound Anthropology

Ethnographic Listening

Ear Material

If you want to test this for yourself, play someone a song I made of my door slamming without telling them what it is. Hey guess what? You’re doing anthropology!

Participant Hearing

Sonic Placemaking

Per the Oxford Dictionary, “program music is music that is intended to evoke images or convey the impression of events.” Beethoven’s Symphony №6 (Pastoral) legitimized it among art snobs.

What are you more aware of? How has this listening experience changed how you hear?





Grass-seed Zen Practitioner 🌱 ☸️

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Feral Zen.art

Feral Zen.art

Grass-seed Zen Practitioner 🌱 ☸️

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