I am eating the clouds.

Background: Rock soup the little boy next door and I made together. Foreground: Lentil Soup I am preparing for my dinner (hopefully without rocks).

The Three Refuges

The Three Recollections

The Five Remembrances

I must think deeply of the ways and means by which this food has come.

I must consider my virtue when accepting it.

I must protect myself from Greed by embracing Greed in my heart.

I eat lest I become lean and die.

I accept this food so that we all may continue becoming Buddha.

Sometimes I can’t avoid having to do other things while I eat. In these situations, I pick one contemplation to help bring my attention back to each bite.
What do flowers eat? How do flowers breathe?
  • Consider writing your own contemplations onto a notecard that you can carry with you or hang in your usual eating place.

Additional Reading

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  • The Lotus Sutra, translated by BDK Tripiṭaka
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Sources for Buddhist Monastic Practice

  • Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi PTNH. Zen is eternal life. Routledge, 2016.
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Grass-seed Zen Practitioner 🌱 ☸️

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Feral Zen.art

Feral Zen.art

Grass-seed Zen Practitioner 🌱 ☸️

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